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Reclaimed Wood vs. Antique Wood: Which is Right for Your Project?
When discussing the merits of antique wood and reclaimed wood, it’s essential to understand the differences between the two. Different suppliers oft
Wood Colors: A Quick Guide For Your Next Reclaimed Wood Installation
Reclaimed wood is our lifeblood at Modern Timber Craft. We love the look, the grainy texture, even the smell of freshly sawn pieces. But one character
Bents, Beams and Other Things! A Timber Frame Glossary Part 2
In our previous post, we began our exhaustive timber frame home glossary. Today we'll continue to cover key terms that are used during the constructio
Bents, Beams and Other Things! A Timber Frame Glossary Part 1
What are bents? What are beams? What is reclaimed wood, exactly? Don't be ashamed if you don't know. Many people who aren't expert home builders don't

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