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How to Tell the Age of a Barn
Thousands of properties in farming areas include original barns, many over a century old. If you own one of these older barns, you will want to authen
The Differences Between Hand Hewn and Rough Sawn Beams
Before mass-produced lumber and steel were common, schools, homes, warehouses, and other buildings used large timbers for structural support. From Ame
How Do You Install A Mantel On A Brick Wall?
A floating mantel is the perfect touch to complete a brick fireplace. Though mantels can be made from a variety of materials, a wooden shelf is an ide
Signs That a Wooden Beam is Hand Hewn
A hand-hewn wooden beam is a log that’s been cut down and carved with handheld tools. Essentially, hand-hewn beams are long pieces of timber that ha

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