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Bighorn Sheep Artwork Canvas Print Framed in Reclaimed Barnwood (Jackson Hole, WY - January 2021)


This photo of a bighorn sheep was taken in January of 2021 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by the founder and owner of Modern Timber Craft during one of his many adventures out west. Wrapped in beautiful reclaimed wood, each and every picture frame is handmade by our in-house craftspeople.

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The founder and owner of Modern Timber Craft likes the outdoors just as much as he likes restoring and reusing barn wood. In fact, all the photos that you see printed on canvas and wrapped in our historic reclaimed wood picture frames were all taken by him. During one of his many adventures across the country, this particular photo in the Bighorn Sheep Artwork was taken in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in January of 2021 in the beautiful Grand Teton National Park.

These floating picture frames are handmade by our in-house craftspeople using our reclaimed wood slats. This rustic mountain wall decor creates a centerpiece for just about any room in the house whether it's in the bedroom, living room or even an office or dining room. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Canvas Print Size: 36" wide x 24" high x 1.5" deep
Frame Size: 37" wide x 25" high x 2" deep

Wood Origin
These reclaimed wood picture frames are crafted out of barn wood from historic stuctures throughout the Eastern United States dating from the 1700's to the early 1900's. Popular locations include Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky.

Finish Disclaimer
These pieces are made to order from wood that changes in texture and grain. This means every piece has one of a kind character, and can vary from picture shown in listing. The construction of the Bighorn Sheep Artwork will be the same and we promise the beauty will resonate in your piece as it does in the photos above with authentic reclaimed wood.

Additional information

The first settlers in America selected trees on site to construct their barns and homes and out-buildings. Today, individuals love to make use of this reclaimed wood when building or remodeling. The history of the piece adds to the ambiance of the area. The wood used in this manner comes from barns, factories, houses, stables, mills, and more, and many pieces are hundreds of years old. What makes this wood truly unique and highly coveted?

Reclaimed lumber pieces are truly one of a kind. The different species underwent decades or centuries of weathering and wear to obtain their current appearance, or “patina”. As a result, each piece is unique, and the wood varies by where it was first obtained and how and where it was used in the structure. The settlers rarely discriminated when it came to the wood used for the structure, what they had available on their land was generally their only option, so a person could find many varieties of reclaimed wood all coming from the same region.

Additionally, reclaimed wood typically offers more variations that are no longer seen in wood species. For instance, as trees in the past were allowed to grow to their full potential, the rings observed in this timber tend to be much closer together than seen in newer pieces. These pieces often have more knots and other markings from their use that make the piece unique and give it charm.

Lastly, if a person is fortunate enough to know where the wood came from, the piece becomes an interesting topic of conversation. We do our best to provide everyone with a backstory on where their piece originated. When someone asks, you can not only explain what it is, but also provide information on where it came from and what made or makes it special. That simply doesn’t happen with pieces that are mass produced today.

  • "My new shelves just arrived and they are GORGEOUS! I made a custom order and everything was exactly according to my specifications. I had great communication with the shop owner, Jake, before the order was placed, and the order was fulfilled promptly. These shelves are substantial and I love the character in the wood. Couldn't be happier!"
    Kelly Mix
  • "These wooden shelves are unique, beautiful and full of character. The wood is solid and beautifully stained. I love them in my kitchen to balance out the white cabinets and counters."
    Elizabeth Jones
  • "This shelf was the perfect addition to our living room and it shipped quickly and exceeded our expectations, the wood is gorgeous"
    Nicole Barnes
  • "I love the quality of the shelf and how it looks above my sofa. I also appreciate the fact that the wood is reclaimed and the note included the history of the property it was removed from."
    Benjamin Nally
  • "Absolutely stunning! It fit my space very well and gave our new construction some character. I love them!"
    Beth Huckaby
  • "Love love love these shelves! They looks so great, hold a lot of weight, and are very easy to mount on the wall. The simple brackets look very nice and make it really easy to set up and get into the wall. I got an extra set of brackets to let the long shelves hold a bit more weight and I'm glad I did! Looks good too :) Love it! Get them!"
    Kara Perlman

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