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  • Mixed Species Brown Barnwood Paneling | Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks
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  • Mixed Brown Barnwood Paneling Wood Wall Planks
  • Mixed Brown Barnwood Paneling Wood Wall Planks

Mixed Species Brown Barnwood Paneling | Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks

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Elevate your space with the warm and inviting look of our authentic reclaimed mixed brown barnwood wall and ceiling paneling. Each panel features a unique combination of light and dark brown tones, textures, and grain patterns, creating a modern yet rustic feel. Perfect for walls, ceilings, and accent pieces, our paneling is easy to install and offers a versatile and stylish way to add natural beauty and character to any room.

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Our authentic reclaimed mixed brown barnwood wall and ceiling paneling is the perfect choice for those looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in their space. reclaimed from exterior siding, interior flooring and grain rooms of historic barns., this paneling features a combination of light and dark brown tones, varying textures, and grain patterns that result in a unique and eye-catching look.  Years of weather exposure create a product rich with character and patina. Circle saw kerf and band saw marks tell a story of its past.

The paneling is arranged vertically, offering a modern and sleek feel while still maintaining the rustic charm of barnwood. Each panel is hand-selected and cleaned to ensure only the highest quality pieces are used, and the wood has been aged and weathered over time, adding character and warmth to any room.

The mixed brown barnwood paneling is a versatile choice for walls, ceilings, and accent pieces, and is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting living space, a rustic and charming commercial design, or a contemporary and modern aesthetic. Each panel is easy to install and comes with pre-cut grooves for seamless connections.

With its unique and varied tones and textures, our authentic reclaimed mixed brown barnwood wall and ceiling paneling is the perfect way to add natural beauty, warmth, and character to any setting.

Wood Origin
The wood for the mixed species brown paneling is sourced from historic US barns dating from late 1700s to early 1900s from places such as Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and more!

Natural Checking, Knots, Ferrous Stains, Nail Holes, Circle Kerf, Pit Saw kerf

Thickness: 3/8 inches
Width: 2 to 6 inch varied widths
Length: 1 to 6 foot varied lengths

Nail, staple, or glue attachment

Installation Disclaimer
Modern Timber Craft is not responsible for mixed species brown barnwood paneling installation. Sub surface preparation is important as boards are not sanded flat.

MTC does not guarantee uniform reclaimed wood pieces. Installers should expect defects and subtle uneven surfaces.

Contact us with any questions that you have about the product or your specific project! Looking for a different finish? Check out all our other barnwood wall planks.

Product Disclaimer
Images shown are only a representation of the pieces received. The pieces you receive may differ slightly due to the nature and origin of these planks.


3-6" varied
random lengths from 12" - 72"
Reclaimed wood paneling has really become popular in recent years. We take pride in providing authentic, high-quality paneling to consumers across the world. But what goes into turning siding boards from a barn or warehouse or granary, for example, into beautiful wall and ceiling panel? Below we break down the process and what it means for your project.

Let’s start with the color of the wood. Some boards are brown, some are grey. Some are dark brown, some are lighter, some are really grey, almost black, some almost blue. Why is that? The answer isn’t entirely simple, but for our purposes here, we will just say that it depends on the species of the wood, and where the wood has spent its life. For example, an oak or poplar board installed on the outside of a structure will turn shades of grey or blue. But the backside of the board will remain brown. This is because rainwater, sunshine, wind/dust hitting the outside created a natural grey patina. However, let’s say it was a pine or hemlock board. The outside facing portion of the board will remain brown in some areas and may turn black in others. But the inside will remain a nice rich brown tone. The species of the wood ultimately dictates the color.

Another variable we have to consider is thickness. While many siding boards were ¾ or 1 inch thick and straight edged, others could be tongue and grooved or even beaded and may only be ½ inch thick or slightly over. Roofing board may be ¾ or 1 inch thick but can vary depending on what the underlying structure consisted of.

The process of turning the boards into a ready to install product goes something like this: Boards are carefully removed from the structure to create the largest yield possible. The boards are de-nailed and cut to square ends. The boards are then sorted by species/color and thickness. Depending on the condition and location the material will then be kiln dried. After a few weeks in the oven they are then sent through a saw multiple times to achieve standard widths. Next, ripped material is then sent through a horizontal bandsaw that allows us to essentially slice the boards to a desired thickness. We find that 3/8” thick allows for a simple installation and a durable overall product that showcases the true beauty of natural reclaimed wood paneling.

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