Creating a Rustic Office Space in Your Home

Creating a Rustic Office Space in Your Home

Whether you’re a work-from-home pro or thrown into a change of routine thanks to the pandemic, creating the perfect rustic office space that exudes your personality, taste, and style is important to being productive and highly-effective at your job.

A home office should be a place where you feel enlightened and empowered to take on whatever tasks are on your plate. Working from home can feel different, especially if you’re used to your office environment and long commute. But you can still be productive if you create an inspiring setting.

Let's look at a few steps you can take to create that rustic home office you've dreamed of.

Determine your office design goals 

To maximize the imprint a rustic setting will have on your workday, knowing your design goals before you create your office is key to getting the aesthetic you desire. Rustic decor is a timeless environment that feels cozy, comfortable, and welcoming - all things you want to experience in a home office.

This holds especially true if you plan to have clients or coworkers visit your office as they should feel a sense of comfort during meetings and while visiting with you. 

A few questions to consider when planning out your rustic office design are:

  • Is my home office closed off from other sections of the house for privacy and a sense of quiet?
  • What size space do I have to work with? 
  • What are the most important elements that need to be considered for my office space?
  • What pieces can I live without here?
  • What do I use on a daily basis to help me work more efficiently?
  • What is the goal of my design?

As part of this exercise, it's a good idea to set a budget. Doing this helps you create a space at a price you will be happy with, which immediately contributes to a satisfying environment to work in. Then you can begin selecting the rustic pieces, from desks to shelving, that you want to install in your office. 

Your desk is the focal point

A cozy office space often acts as a sanctuary for anyone working from their home. Whether you work for yourself or as part of a larger, collective team that spans across the country, your rustic office space will be the place where all of your ideas come together - typically while you're sitting at your desk.

Whether you’re using dual monitors, a writing pad or countless other devices, a desk is often where the proverbial magic happens. As such, the desk should take center stage in your office plan.

The main goal of a rustic office space is to bring the beauty and nuances of nature indoors. When choosing a rustic desk, opt for one that is made of durable, reclaimed barn wood with edgy finishing and natural wood elements. If feasible, order a custom-designed desk that fits your space and your goals perfectly.

Center your desk in your office so that it makes a statement to anyone who enters your space. The goal for a rustic desk is to be big and bold, while also providing a sense of comfort.

Shelving provides style and functionality

Whether you use shelves to house textbooks, client files, office equipment, or family photos, shelving is an essential piece of your office space. Rustic shelving comes in many different shapes, sizes and styles, but among the more popular options are reclaimed wood floating shelves.

They are built with raw materials and finished naturally so that they emanate a rustic, natural style. “Floating” shelves have a look that plays into an organic aesthetic by making them appear as though they are a natural part of the wall.

Office accessories support the rustic motif

Once you have the bigger pieces taken care of, consider the smaller, decorative items throughout your space. To keep with the rustic theme, add in natural elements like plants (real or faux), distressed candle holders, mason jars and wood-framed photos of your favorite people.

Connect your design with your job by incorporating design elements that speak to your career field. For example, a lawyer could include a distressed scale on their bookshelf or a writer can "go old school" by showcasing an antique typewriter. The design element options are endless when it comes to rustic decor, just be sure to stick to something that speaks to your personal story.

Good luck creating the perfect rustic office space!

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