Custom Barn Wood Products

Custom Barn Wood Products

Our passion for barn wood products goes way beyond our fireplace mantels, hand-hewn beams, and barn wood floating shelves. We now offer custom reclaimed barn wood furniture. Our talented craftspeople love taking creative ideas and turning them into custom barn wood furniture, decor, and fixtures that make your home or office stand out.

Over the years we've built some barn wood products from the same wood we've salvaged from 150-200 year old barns. We may be able to craft for you:

  • barn wood table
  • chairs
  • night stand
  • bed headboard
  • oven hood cover

Keep in mind that all custom orders are built with one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood resources. This means that, while we strive to create a product that closely resembles a piece in a picture or video, chances are we cannot mimic that product exactly. Part of the beauty of reclaimed wood is that each piece is UNIQUE and has its own distinct history, craftsmanship, and appearance.

Take a look at the images below and see if there is a reclaimed wood product you would like us to build. If you have a unique idea for a barn wood product, let us know by reaching out!

Here's a sample of our work.

Want to see more custom barn wood product ideas that we could make for you at Modern Timber Craft?

Check out these creations.

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