The Forgotten Art of Customized Wood Furniture

The Forgotten Art of Customized Wood Furniture

Sometimes it seems that customized wood furniture and decor is a lost art form. With the plethora of options available for prefabricated furniture in various furniture stores and big-name department stores, it can be difficult for others to understand the major differences between cookie cutter prefabricated items and customized wood furniture. Sure, there is convenience that comes with picking up a box of furniture at your local big box store, but you’re missing out on a lot when not considering custom wood furniture for your home. Although it may make sense for your wallet and time to sometimes opt for the low-budget ready to hang decor, there is something to be said about a custom piece in your home. Once your first custom piece is created just for you, it's safe to say there may be no going back. 

Custom wood pieces provide you with endless design possibilities

The only limit, when it comes to designing your own custom wood creation, is your dreams. When it comes to designing a piece of furniture or decor, the possibilities with natural wood are quite endless. From custom length tables and bar stools that are taller than standard to unique rustic-inspired wall decor or floating shelves, your visions (and size requirements) can come to life alongside the work of an expert craftsman. This is also an amazing option for those looking to match other pieces of furniture they currently own, especially if those pieces are custom or vintage. Working with a custom furniture designer affords you the time and opportunity to create the exact piece you want, from start to finish. 

You choose the materials and finishing

One of the best aspects of customization is that you are at liberty to choose exactly what you want in your custom piece. From wood materials like oak, mahogany, maple, reclaimed barn wood or cedar, to unique finishes that match your aesthetic and tone, the options are available to you. An expert craftsman can also provide valuable insight on the best type of wood and finishes to use in your piece based on end use goals. Customization also allows you the opportunity to mix different design ideas to create a piece that matches your exact style, instead of one that was prefabricated based on what’s hot in the industry.

Customized wood furniture from reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly

Although wood, in general, is a renewable resource, modern-day forestry practices are anything but sustainable. The best option for those who are environmentally-conscious, especially when it comes to purchases, should opt for customized wood furniture and decor made of reclaimed barn wood. By choosing to use reclaimed barn wood, the demand on the forestry industry is decreased. Using reclaimed barn wood is similar to recycling other modern-day materials like plastic and glass. By restoring reclaimed barn wood for use in things like furniture and home decor, we are lessening the impact on our environment. Custom pieces made from reclaimed wood are the go-to method for those who are eco-friendly, allowing them to have beautiful custom pieces at no cost to the environment or the living species within it.


Solid wood is long-lasting

Well-made furniture and decor made from solid wood can last a really long time. When comparing solid wood furniture to prefabricated options, the longevity is apparent. Prefabricated furniture is often created and assembled on assembly lines while custom pieces are created by hand by an expert in the field of carpentry. The quality starts from the very first stages of design mockup all the way through creation and completion. Solid wood furniture lasts 10-15 years or longer versus its counterpart lasting a meager 3-5 years. When purchasing solid wood pieces, you are making a long-term investment on a timeless, quality-packed item. 

Each piece of customized wood furniture is a unique work of art

A custom wood piece brings about a beautiful aesthetic in your home. From clean lines to a stunning top coat, the combinations on your piece are endless. Each piece is custom made just for you, so not only are they functional, they are stunning too. There is pride in knowing that your pieces were made with your dreams and needs in mind. There is also excitement in knowing that no one has a piece that matches yours. Depending on the type of custom piece you decide on, from furniture to home decor, each piece is a stand-alone work of art. Make your custom wood pieces a centerpiece in your own home and treat it like art, as it requires years of skilled craftsmanship to create just for you.  When weighing the pros and cons of custom wood creations to prefabricated options, the choice becomes clear quite quickly. A custom wood piece is a work of art, long-lasting and timeless. It is an eco-friendly option that is made from your direct vision. It’s time to bring back the lost form of art creation and craftsmanship and place custom wood pieces on center stage again.

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