Hoernerstown Pennsylvania Bank Barn

Hoernerstown Pennsylvania Bank Barn

Modern Timber Craft salvaged an inventory of historic reclaimed wood in 2020 from a long-standing barn in Hoernerstown, Pennsylvania - located in Dauphin County. The barn was built in 1872 and had multiple purposes during its lifetime.

Hoernerstown was once a center for the local farming community. The town included a general store, blacksmith shop, carpet weaving shop, several churches, a small hotel and the Hoernerstown School.

The barn was on a property which was once a sprawling 200-acre farmland formerly owned by John Hoerner (1783 - 1874). Part of the estate would be later donated to the township to build its pioneer school house.

Barn and home were dismantled in 2020, and now the property is being converted to high-end homes.

Modern Timber Craft transitioned much of the sturdy reclaimed wood from this long-standing barn into fireplace mantels, reclaimed wood shelves, wood flooring, and more.

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