New York Grange Hall 1243

New York Grange Hall 1243

In 2021, Modern Timber Craft acquired an inventory of reclaimed wood from a recently demolished building in Belmont, New York - located in Allegany County. The building was originally constructed in the 1860s by local attorney Andrew McNett.

McNett was a Civil War veteran who subsequently became the village’s first mayor. He built the structure to be a home for his family, following the Italianate style of architecture that was popular back then.

Around 1890, the McNett family undertook modifications to adapt the home to a Queen Anne design, which is characterized by strongly bilateral symmetry.

Following the sale of the property in the early 20th century, the home was adapted to be a grange hall. During this iteration of the building, it was used as a farmer’s market among other purposes.

The Belmont Grange Hall was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006, where it remained until its demolition in 2021.

Modern Timber Craft has transformed the sturdy reclaimed wood from this long-standing building into fireplace mantels and wooden shelves in various sizes.

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