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As-Is Authentic Reclaimed Wood

Our reclaimed wood products have stood the test of time -- providing beauty, character, and strength all at once. Salvage wood from long-standing barns and other sources gives your home, office or other space the timeless charm of antique wood.

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  • Authentic Reclaimed Wood

    All of our materials come from historic barns and other structures dating from the late 1700s to the early 1900s. Our mantels are made from high-quality reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from old barns, homes, and buildings, giving each piece a unique and authentic look that cannot be replicated. A custom letter is sent with every order letting you know the specific history of your piece.

  • Family Owned & Operated

    Modern Timber Craft started in 2014 from a love of old barns and historic buildings. Nearly 10 years into this, my wife Raquel, our dog Bear, and I, along with an amazing group of people behind the scenes help us to continue this adventure. We are passionate about creating an experience our customers will enjoy and remember while providing them with a unique and authentic piece of history.

  • Made in the USA

    All of our material is not only certified reclaimed, but also made and repurposed in the USA. Salvaged from historic American structures within the eastern portion of the United States and prepared in PA to be the focal point in your home.


What’s the difference between a skip-planed barn wood mantel and a barn wood mantel?

The skip-planed finish is achieved by running the reclaimed barn wood through a planer set to only remove the high points, “skipping” over the low points. By doing this, it allows the reclaimed barnwood to keep even more of its authentic texture, character, and history.

A normal barn wood mantel finish is achieved by running the reclaimed barnwood through a planer adjusted to a lower setting to remove not only the high points but also the rest of the woods skin in order to achieve a smoother and more uniformed finish. Even with this smoother finish, you will still get variations from natural checking, knots, nail holes, hand hewing, circle saw markings and worm holes.

If you have any questions about our different types of reclaimed wood fireplace mantels or beams, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help.

Why choose Modern Timber Craft's barnwood shelving?

Sourced from barns and other structures dating back as far as the 1700s, our reclaimed barnwood shelving comes in both 2 and 3 inch thicknesses, a variety of depths and lengths. On top of all the size variations, available finishes include unfinished, oiled, Early American stain and white washed. 

Our experienced artisans truly help craft your home with handcrafted reclaimed barnwood shelving. Each and every piece is unique with it's own story. There are so many other products out their that claim to be made of "reclaimed wood" when all you really get is a mass-produced piece that is typically hollow. As you browse through our vast product offering, rest assured that you are only looking at one of a kind solid wood shelves that have been truly reclaimed from the past.

If you have any questions about our different types of reclaimed wood shelves, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help.


Our authentic reclaimed wood will include unique grain variations, knots, and other characteristics. Keep in mind, these are authentic reclaimed pieces of wood so no two are the same.

Images shown are only representations of the pieces that you will receive. Due to the nature and origin of the barnwood, your pieces may differ slightly. We do offer sample pieces to help ensure the look is exactly what you want.

Our Roots

All of our wood materials come from historic barns and other structures in Pennsylvania and Eastern Maryland. The warmth and beauty that these authentic reclaimed wood floors provide is second to none. We take pride in knowing we are doing our part to help maximize our forests sustainability by re-using what is already available. We know you will love your reclaimed wood floor and you can rest assured they will stand the test of time.

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