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Reclaimed Barn Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelves - 3x5

Make this authentic old growth barn wood a focal point of your living room or family room. You can hang our 3x5 reclaimed wood mantel shelves above your fireplace or as floating shelves on any wall. Each piece has a unique appearance so variations will apply.

Sourced: Historic northeast US barns dating from late 1700s to early 1900s

Characteristics: Natural Checking, Knots, Nail Holes, Hand Hewing, Circle Saw Markings, Worm Holes

Specs: Solid wood, barnwood, bracket mounts & hardware included, routed rear bracket space, NO pre-drilled holes for bracket

Dimensions: 3 inch thickness x 5 inch depth x 12 – 96 inch width (custom sizes available)

Thickness and depth can vary up to 1/2 inch but are generally within 1/4 inch

Finish Options: Finished w/linseed oil, finished w/Early American stain (medium brown), unfinished suitable for shellac or polyurethane, cut ends are finished to blend into natural color

Installation Disclaimer: Modern Timber Craft is not responsible for shelf installation. Seek guidance from a licensed professional before affixing shelf to wall surface. Installation may require more than the hardware provided. Always make sure your shelf is properly secured to the wall before leaving unattended.

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*Finish previews are just a representation of color. Every piece will vary.
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Images shown are a representation of the piece you will receive. Keep in mind, these are authentic reclaimed pieces of wood here, no two are the same!

Wood coloring can change dramatically when finishes are applied. For example, we have many pine pieces that appear brown when oiled. We also have many that will look reddish when oiled. Yellow pine tends to end up more reddish, and white pine looks brownish but that is not always the case. Other factors that impact appearance are the age of the piece, the environment in which it spent its life, and the overall condition.

Each and every shelf is unique with many grain variations, knots, worm holes, nail holes, etc. To attach as a floating shelf, it comes with a hidden hanger and each piece is routed out precisely to properly fit the mounting hardware which IS INCLUDED. You will simply need to drill out holes in the back of the product. The holes should correspond with the bracket location on the walls. They require a 1/2" drill bit. We can fulfill nearly any custom request – from sizing to colors to wood characteristics.

Sourced wood material comes from barns and other structures dating to the late 1700s through early 1900s in Pennsylvania and Eastern Maryland.

If you order more than one we will do our best to match if requested. We will also make any custom piece for you, simply contact us!

Product Disclaimer: Images shown are only a representation of the pieces received. Due to the nature and origin of this material, your pieces may differ slightly.

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12" W x 5" D x 3" H, 18" W x 5" D x 3" H, 24" W x 5" D x 3" H, 30" W x 5" D x 3" H, 36" W x 5" D x 3" H, 42" W x 5" D x 3" H, 48" W x 5" D x 3" H, 54" W x 5" D x 3" H, 60" W x 5" D x 3"H, 66" W x 5" D x 3" H, 72" W x 5" D x 3" H, 78" W x 5" D x 3" H, 84" W x 5" D x 3" H, 96" W x 5" D x 3" H


Oiled, Unfinished

The first settlers in America used materials on hand to construct buildings. Today, individuals love to make use of this reclaimed wood when building or remodeling a residence or office. The history of the piece adds to the ambiance of the area. The wood used in this manner comes from barns, stables, mills, and more, and many pieces are hundreds of years old. What makes this wood truly unique and highly coveted?

Reclaimed hand-hewn lumber pieces are truly one of a kind. The different species underwent decades of weathering and wear to obtain their current appearance. As a result, each piece is unique, and the wood varies by where it was first obtained. The settlers never discriminated when it came to the wood used for the structure, so a person could find many varieties of reclaimed wood all coming from the same region.

Additionally, reclaimed wood typically offers more variations that are no longer seen in wood species. For instance, as trees in the past were allowed to grow to their full height, the rings observed in this timber tend to be wider than seen in newer pieces. These pieces often have more knots and other markings that make the piece unique and give it charm. 

If a person is fortunate enough to know where the wood came from, the piece becomes an interesting topic of conversation. When someone asks about the hand-hewn lumber, the owner can not only explain what it is but also provide information on where it came from and what makes it special. That doesn’t happen with pieces that are mass produced today.
  • "Beautiful piece and looks great for the spot we purchased for"
    Christie Nuttall
  • "Great experience and beautiful product!
    Jessica L
  • "This is an incredible piece of wood. So much character. This was above and beyond my expectations — and they were high! Shipping took a little longer than I expected, but I did order during the holidays and the shop owner gave me updates on the shipping status. It was packaged well. Customer service was excellent! I sent pictures and descriptions of the mantel I was looking for and it was exactly what I requested. It’s perfect for the earthy, modern look of our home."
    Cassie H
  • "Such a gorgeous piece of wood. It’s always a bit worrisome to order a statement piece online, but this mantle exceeded my expectations"
    Kate Golden
  • "Awesome product! Great customer service and communication. Thanks"
    Marty Hearth
  • "Absolutely beautiful mantle! Customer service was hands down the best I have ever received on Etsy. He went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted!"
    Nicole Collins

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