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Discover the Many Uses of Reclaimed Wood

by Jake Park 

Design experts routinely recommend the use of reclaimed wood for clients building new homes. From major construction components to décor item, the beauty, versatility, and charm of old wood adds a unique flair to virtually any home. While some projects will work better with specific home designs, it will never be difficult to find places where reclaimed wood adds the needed feel to a single room or an entire home. Here are only a few of the many ways to use reclaimed wood when constructing a new home.

1.) Use reclaimed wood for flooring. Old wood can provide the look homeowners are seeking for flooring materials. Because reclaimed wood is available in a remarkable number of species, colors, and sizes, it is often the material of choice for flooring in one or more rooms of a home.

If you’re looking for wide boards with a lot of character, reclaimed wood products can include the nicks, gouges, and holes needed to make the floor appear as though it’s passed the test of time and still looks great.

Homeowners wanting the warmth of, for example, old-growth Southern Yellow Pine can often find the wood they need quite easily. If that variety of pine is not available in your region, suppliers can often arrange shipping from another area. Suppliers may also recommend alternatives that deliver the same type of look.

Of course, oak, maple, birch, and other wood species may also provide the look needed for your new home. Again, many of these woods are available in widths and lengths to meet a designer’s objectives and make your new home a true showplace.

2.) Fireplaces are always in vogue, which means your new home will need a fireplace mantle. New wood, stone, or even cast concrete are all possible options, but reclaimed wood delivers design choices for all types of fireplaces. Whether your new fireplace is intended as an accessory or a dominant feature taking up an entire wall, a reclaimed wood mantle adds a final touch that’s bound to attract attention from anyone entering the space.

As with reclaimed wood flooring, fireplace mantles created using reclaimed wood provide an unlimited number of options to select from. Reclaimed wood that’s been planed smooth offers the convenience of new wood but also the timeless beauty of woods that are no longer readily available from today’s lumber yards.

3.) Kitchen cabinets and other built-ins created using reclaimed wood remain popular, as the cabinetry can include custom features you want but can’t easily find when purchasing stock cabinets. Homeowners frequently reduce costs in other areas to ensure they get the kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, and other built-ins that make a design statement but also provide for the family’s needs.

Wood species like maple, oak, and birch are becoming increasingly expensive as consumer demand reduces the standing stock. However, reclaimed wood providers stock, or can obtain, many wood varieties  vendors of new wood can’t get. Cherry, hickory, pecan, and walnut are always in high demand and difficult to find, but your design and construction team may source the materials needed to construct your built-ins from a reclaimed wood provider.

4.) Construction elements, like solid beams, present issues for property owners and contractors. Yes, it’s possible to use a lam or boxed beam for your project, but reclaimed solid beams always look better. If you’re working with a local contractor and design team, ask them about using reclaimed beams that will look better without endangering the structural integrity of your new home.

Reclaimed beams from old barns, factories, or other large buildings often include the scars they’ve earned over the years, and those “imperfections” may be just what a designer needs to create that comfortable, warm feel you’re looking for.

5.) Reclaimed wood is ideal for a wide variety of décor items. Accent walls featuring reclaimed wood commonly add value, style, and ambiance for homes. Need shelving? Reclaimed wood is ideal for bookcases or any other types of shelves needed throughout your new home.

Consider using reclaimed wood to build a statement table or center island for your kitchen. This is one area where creativity and a willingness to explore different options can pay off handsomely. Those creations won’t be duplicated in other homes, and your décor will include items you’ll love for years to come.

6.) Barn doors are all the rage. However, many of the options look tacky when they’re installed. Using reclaimed wood for the doors means the wood will include a look that’s taken years to acquire. Of course, you’ll still need the hardware, but those items are readily available.

The other advantage of building your barn doors using reclaimed wood is customization. Most kits come in specific sizes that may not meet your home design needs. Discuss the benefits of sliding barn-style doors with your contractor or design team.

7.) Consider using reclaimed wood to build a room divider. Many homes include large spaces that are not always as functional as they could be. A room divider can break up a large space to create a smaller area to meet your family’s unique needs.

In some instances, a wall divider provides a great way to redirect traffic in a home. Perhaps you’re exploring ways to shield an area from occupants in another room. Today, for example, many more people work from home. That means you may want to keep that computer or printer out of sight without having to create a separate office.

Get Your Questions Answered Now

If you’re considering building a new home, now is the time to ask for advice. Reclaimed wood specialists welcome questions about the many ways you can include beautiful, reclaimed wood in your new home.

Don’t leave important design questions until the last minute. The wood you’re looking for may not be readily available if you wait until the last minute. Rather than taking that type of chance, contact the experts now to get an idea of which woods are currently available for your new home project.

Jake Park
I am a timber expert and serial woodworker dedicated to helping you get educated about the finest woods and materials in the world. Join in my journey on the Modern Timber Craft blog.

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